Clara for Medical Devices

Process streaming data in real time with scalable, software-defined devices built with the NVIDIA Clara™ for Medical Devices platform.

Why Clara for Medical Devices?

For Enterprise

Quickly develop next-gen medical devices with software as a medical device (SaMD) at reduced cost and offload complexity to innovate competitively.

For IT

Use a full-stack platform to explore new AI-powered capabilities, accelerate time to market, lower development costs, and reduce the overhead of software maintenance costs.  

For Developer

Build high-performance, streaming AI applications and deploy software-defined medical devices with safety and speed.

Accelerate Diagnosis and Treatment With Medical Device Workflows

Medical devices workflows are multifaceted and extend across patient care, healthcare provider efficiency, regulatory compliance, cost control, and data management. These workflows ensure that medical devices are used effectively and safely, resulting in improved patient outcomes and a more efficient healthcare system.

Looking Inside the Body With Medical Image Reconstruction

Medical image reconstruction from devices like CT, MRI, and ultrasound gives clinicians the ability to look deep inside the body in 3D to make a diagnosis. Doing this requires intense computational processing of large amounts of data from multiple sensors or 2D images. GPUs and accelerated computing allow the reconstruction to happen quickly, so patients can be treated faster.

Powering Edge-to-Cloud, Real-Time, Multi-AI Inference

Real-time clinical AI inference uses video and sensor data to equip doctors and surgeons with insights for immediate decision-making during procedures. Accelerated computing, located in the operating room, delivers reliable, low-latency, data-driven predictions that enhance medical professionals' ability to see the unseen. This technology improves situational awareness, enabling more informed decisions, and can lead to better patient outcomes.

Building Models for Medical Devices With an AI Factory

Building next-generation AI applications for medical imaging requires a solution for data curation, ground truthing, training, validation, and deployment. Attention to both model performance and execution time is crucial to meet latency targets for efficient model development to achieve a faster time to market.

Product Suite

NVIDIA Holoscan

NVIDIA Holoscan delivers the accelerated, full-stack infrastructure required for scalable, software-defined, and real-time processing of streaming medical data at the clinical edge. With Holoscan, developers can build medical devices that take AI applications directly to the operating room, processing streaming data from sensors for AI inference that helps clinical teams make patient-specific decisions and recommendations.


NVIDIA MONAI is a comprehensive suite of enterprise-grade containers, AI models, and cloud APIs crafted to accelerate medical imaging workflows. Anchored on the open-source Project MONAI, it provides developers with secure, NVIDIA-supported, state-of-the-art, and domain-specific AI workflows.


NVIDIA® CUDA® is a parallel computing platform and API that lets developers harness the computational power of NVIDIA GPUs for a wide range of applications, including medical device applications. CUDA enables GPU acceleration, powering the real-time processing of medical data for tasks like image analysis, machine learning, and simulation.


NVIDIA Triton™ is an inference serving platform for deploying and managing machine learning models in production environments. It’s designed to simplify the deployment of AI models by providing a unified interface and a scalable architecture. Triton can be used in medical device applications to accelerate and deploy machine learning models for medical imaging, diagnostics, and monitoring.  


NVIDIA TensorRT™ is an SDK for high-performance deep learning inference. It includes a deep learning inference optimizer and runtime that deliver low latency and high throughput for inference applications. TensorRT can be deployed, run, and scaled with Triton.

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