NVIDIA offers pure SONiC, a community-developed,  open-source, Linux-based network operating system that has been hardened in the data centers of some of the largest cloud service providers.

Where Open Source Meets Enterprise

Pure SONiC through NVIDIA removes distribution limitations and lets enterprises take full advantage of the benefits of open networking—as well as the NVIDIA expertise, experience, training, documentation, professional services, and support that best guarantee success.


Why Choose SONiC from NVIDIA?

100% Open Source

100% Open Source

Unlike a distribution, SONiC doesn’t require reliance upon a single vendor for roadmap additions, bug fixes, or security patches.

 Application-specific integrated circuits

ASIC to Protocol Support

NVIDIA provides support for Free Range Routing (FRR), SONiC, Switch Abstraction Interface (SAI), systems, and application-specific integrated circuits (ASIC)—all in one place.

 Free Range Routing

Partner with Thought Leaders

NVIDIA is the leading contributor to Free Range Routing (FRR), the primary routing stack in SONIC.

 SONiC, NVIDIA® Cumulus® Linux, Onyx

Choice of Network Operating System

It’s possible to mix and match your leaf spine architecture with SONiC, NVIDIA® Cumulus Linux, NVIDIA Onyx, or others. The choice is yours.

World class switch ASIC

World-Class Switch ASIC

By pairing a switch ASIC with SONiC, you can experience unmatched performance, in-service software upgrades (ISSU), and telemetry with NVIDIA What Just Happened® (WJH).

Unified Management

Unified Management

With SONiC, you can achieve unified management with existing management tools across the data center.

Get started running SONiC on a bare-metal switch

Key Features

  • Reduced risk and complexity: Code changes are validated by the community, meaning you have the strength of thousands behind your code.
  •  Part of an ecosystem: With community-based SONiC, bug fixes and security patches benefit the entire ecosystem.
  • Collective wisdom: SONiC leverages the collective wisdom and expertise of the community, including lessons learned from past networking OS design.
  • Actionable telemetry: NVIDIA NetQ lets you incorporate NetDevOps into your SONiC fabric.
  • Code transparency: SONiC is open source, so you know what you’re getting.
  • Ready for prime time: SONiC has been hardened in the data centers of some of the largest cloud service providers.
  • Scalability for hybrid and multi-cloud networks: SONiC’s modular, extensible, container-based design accelerates innovation.
  • Digital twins: NVIDIA Air makes physical deployments seamless by validating and simplifying deployments and upgrades in a virtual network.

Pair with Industry-Leading Performance

By combining SONiC with NVIDIA Spectrum, you get support for speeds of 1/10/25/40/50/100 and up to 400 GB GbE; full wire speed (FWS) at all packet sizes; telemetry, including WJH; control for all layers, including ASIC, firewall (FW), software development kit (SDK), SAI, and SONiC; ISSU; and full support for RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE). 

  SONiC with NVIDIA Mellanox Spectrum
SONiC deployments

Designed for Scale

Designed for hyperscalers, service providers, and enterprises, SONiC is ideal for modern, advanced network architectures that support multi-cloud and hybrid environments. NVIDIA’s deep networking, open-source, and Linux expertise enables NVIDIA to stand out as the leading provider for SONiC deployments.

Resources to Get Started with SONiC

SONiC Momentum

NVIDIA Adds to SONiC Momentum

Read how NVIDIA is better supporting the SONiC community through upgraded security, integration, and more.

SONiC Community Ecosystem

The Importance of the SONiC Community Ecosystem

Join us and other community contributors, including Microsoft, IP Infusion, and Aviz Networks, for a virtual discussion to understand the importance of the SONiC ecosystem.

SONiC Datasheet

SONiC Datasheet

Read this brief datasheet on how, together, NVIDIA and SONiC are delivering the best of what open networking has to offer.

SONiC and NVIDIA are accelerating open networking

SONiC and NVIDIA are accelerating open networking

Criteo, a digital advertising company, has migrated from traditional networking to an open model for greater agility. NVIDIA provides them end-to-end pure SONiC support, eliminating vendor lock-in and integrating the network into their data center DevOps.

Deploying SONiC in the Modern Data Center

Deploying SONiC in the Modern Data Center

Learn the basics for building and installing a SONiC image through ONIE (Open Network Install Environment) and configuring essential services for the network.

Building an NVIDIA pure SONiC image

Building an NVIDIA Pure SONiC Image

Eliminate vendor dependence with Pure SONiC. Community developed, publicly available, and 100% open source, it enables you to build a Pure SONiC image that is in sync with the desired community branch.

SONiC and NVIDIA are accelerating open networking

Make a Digital Twin of Your Data Center with NVIDIA Air

Try out a full multi-switch network fabric using the SONiC operating system in a virtual data center environment—free of charge.

Deploying SONiC in the Modern Data Center

The SONiC Open Networking Phenomenon with Criteo

Join this webinar to discover the benefits SONiC brings to Criteo and how it was successfully implemented.

NVIDIA Shines at 2021 SONiC PlugFest

NVIDIA Shines at 2021 SONiC PlugFest

NVIDIA participated in the first annual SONiC PlugFest, providing independent verification that Pure SONiC from NVIDIA is production-ready.