Embedded Systems for Product Development

A Revolution in Embedded AI Product Development

The rapid evolution of AI is transforming industries worldwide. NVIDIA Jetson™ gives you incredible capabilities at the edge, accelerating product development and deployment at scale. With the most comprehensive AI software stack available, Jetson combines NVIDIA JetPack™ platform software, Metropolis microservices, production-ready Isaac™ ROS packages, and application-specific reference AI workflows. This enables seamless integration of cutting-edge AI technologies into your products, without the need for costly internal resources.

NVIDIA Isaac Taps Generative AI for Manufacturing and Logistics Applications

Benefits of Embedded Systems With Jetson

Discover Flexible End-to-End Hardware Solutions

The NVIDIA Jetson portfolio includes a variety of small modules to meet power, performance, and form-factor requirements across use cases and industries. Each Jetson solution is a complete System on Module (SOM) that includes a GPU, CPU, memory, power management, high-speed interfaces, and more. Accelerate your development with one of the Jetson Orin developer kits that come with a Jetson Orin module, a reference carrier board, and a heatsink. Jetson ecosystem partners also provide software, hardware design services, and off-the-shelf compatible products—from carrier boards to full systems—so you can get to market faster with AI embedded and edge devices.

Ease Development With Unified Software

Democratize edge AI and robotics development with the world's most comprehensive AI software stack and ecosystem, powered by generative AI at the edge and the NVIDIA Metropolis and Isaac platforms. NVIDIA JetPackMetropolis MicroservicesIsaac ROS, and AI workflows let you seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technologies into your products, eliminating the need for costly internal AI resources. Experience end-to-end acceleration for AI applications and expedite your time to market using the same powerful technologies that drive data center and cloud deployments.

Jetson Generative AI Lab

The Jetson Generative AI Lab is your gateway to bringing generative AI to the world. Explore tutorials on text generation, text and vision models, image generation, and distillation techniques. Access resources to run these models on  NVIDIA Jetson Orin, experience real-time performance with vision LLMs and the latest one-shot ViTs, and deploy game-changing capabilities locally. Join the generative AI revolution and start today.

Scale Deployment With Cloud-Native Support

With billions of IoT edge devices that can easily run on a battery in the fields for many years, constant upkeep and frequent updates for rapidly improving AI capabilities are imperative. The NVIDIA Jetson platform supports cloud-native technologies and workflows such as containerization and orchestration. This support speeds up edge-AI product development and enables agile deployment and management at scale throughout the device lifecycle.

Accelerate Time to Market

Jetson ecosystem hardware partners provide a wide range of advanced products, as well as design expertise for custom embedded solutions. Peripherals such as sensors, cameras, connectivity modules (5G, 4G, Wi-Fi), and more are ready for your specific application. There’s also an extensive partner network for software, including ISVs specialized in vertical-specific AI solutions and cloud services. Partners work together to offer comprehensive solutions, while solution integration providers assemble unique combinations to help get your products to market faster.

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Read Jetson Success Stories

AI and edge computing are transforming every industry, including manufacturing, healthcare, retail, logistics, transportation, construction, agriculture, robotics, and more. Forward-looking companies are using NVIDIA Jetson to improve and accelerate their product development, proving every day how innovative technologies can help drive new levels of success.

Explore Jetson Across Industries

See how companies are transforming their business with Jetson embedded systems.

Smart Cities

Traffic management, parking management, transportation hub operation, public safety, and more.


Patient monitoring, social distancing, mask detection, contact tracing, and more.


Optical Inspection for quality control, predictive maintenance, robotic arms, and more.


Asset protection, automated checkout, intelligent store analytics, digital signage, and more.

Energy & Mining

Optical inspection, autonomous operation, preventive maintenance, safety, and more.

Robotics & Logistics

Robots for the warehouse and factory, first/last-mile delivery, collaboration, service, and more.


Autonomous planting and harvesting, precision farming, yield management, and more.


Mapping/planning, autonomous operation, preventive maintenance, work safety, and more.

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