HPC and AI

Boost Performance with Accelerated HPC and AI

The NVIDIA Accelerated Compute Platform offers a complete end-to-end stack and suite of optimized products, infrastructure, and services to deliver unmatched performance, efficiency, ease of adoption, and responsiveness for scientific workloads. NVIDIA’s full-stack architectural approach ensures scientific applications execute with optimal performance, fewer servers, and use less energy, resulting in faster insights at dramatically lower costs for high-performance computing (HPC) and AI workflows.

NVIDIA HPC and AI Solutions Across Workflows

Whether you are a researcher working in a university laboratory, an engineer solving complex technical problems for enterprise solutions, or a site decision maker determining how best to manage your data and energy, HPC and AI best practices and the technology to facilitate them are critical.

HPC simulations with AI

Scientists and Researchers

Researchers can enhance their HPC simulations with AI to achieve faster and better results for various scientific workloads.

Engineers are using AI to evaluate a variety of designs

Designers and Engineers

Engineers can use AI to evaluate a variety of designs, including medical devices, manufacturing robots, and automotive components.

Analysts at financial organizations are leveraging AI

Site Decision Maker

Site decision makers can leverage AI to identify and predict market trends, assess technical risks, and deploy fully utilized systems.

HPC and AI in Action

HPC and AI have many applications, such as solving our earth’s climate problems, accelerating scientific discoveries, and simulating workflows to complete tasks faster.

NVIDIA SimNet Toolkit

Simulate Workflows for Product Designs

NVIDIA Modulus empowers engineers to construct precise AI surrogate models that combine physics-driven causality with simulation and observed data, enabling near-real-time predictions. With diffusion modeling, you can enhance engineering simulations and generate new data for scalable, responsive designs. Modulus supports the creation of large-scale digital twin models across various physics domains, from computational fluid dynamics to climate modeling.

HPC and AI are used in many geosciences scenarios

Climate and Weather Modeling

With NVIDIA Earth-2, HPC and AI are converged under a full-stack, open platform that accelerates climate and weather predictions with interactive, high-resolution simulation. It includes physical simulation of numerical models like ICON and IFS; neural network models such as FourCastNet, GraphCast, and Deep Learning Weather Prediction (DLWP) through NVIDIA Modulus; and data federation and visualization with NVIDIA Omniverse™.

NGC catalog offers containers for the latest versions of AI, HPC
Data: DKRZ/MPI-M, ICON Model

Global-Scale Scientific Visualization

Visualization is the best way to analyze large scientific simulation data. However, the explosion in the size of the simulation results requires modern visualization tools that provide high interactivity, photo-realistic visuals, and real-time collaboration with team members.

NVIDIA Omniverse brings team members on the same virtual platform to collaborate in real-time and gather insights faster.

Accelerate Scientific Discoveries

Maximize Developer Productivity

From computational fluid dynamics to molecular modeling, the NVIDIA HPC Software Development Kit (SDK) includes the proven compilers, libraries, and software tools essential to maximizing developer productivity and the performance and portability of HPC applications.

Full-Stack Supercomputing Optimization

Learn more about HPC and AI through session and demo videos, or get started with the NVIDIA Developer Blog.