Instantly Run and Deploy Generative AI

Explore the latest community-built AI models with APIs optimized and accelerated by NVIDIA, then deploy anywhere with NVIDIA NIM.

Experience Leading Open Models Now


Accelerated AI is Just an API Call Away

Get up and running quickly with familiar APIs.

Seamless Compatibility With Popular Libraries

Leverage NVIDIA APIs from your existing SDKs with as little as three lines of code.

import openai
client = openai.OpenAI(
base_url = "",
chat_completion =
messages=[{"role" : "user" , "content" : "Write me a love song" }],

Build With the Tools You Love

Work with your favorite LLM programming frameworks, including LangChain and LlamaIndex, and easily deploy your applications.

Run Anywhere

Accelerate Your AI Deployment With NVIDIA NIM

Part of NVIDIA AI Enterprise, NVIDIA NIM is a set of easy-to-use microservices for accelerating the deployment of foundation models on any cloud or data center and helps keep your data secure.

Launch Locally or Scale With Kubernetes

Get containerized microservices with NVIDIA NIM to deploy AI models on your local development environment, or fetch Helm charts to orchestrate and auto-scale with any Kubernetes.

Continually Lower Costs and Your Carbon Footprint

Lower the operational cost of running the models in production with AI runtimes that are continuously optimized for performance on NVIDIA accelerated infrastructure.

Stay Secure and Deploy With Confidence

Rely on production-grade runtimes including on-going security updates and run your business applications with stable APIs backed by enterprise-grade support with NVIDIA NIM.

How to Buy

Get Started

Start Prototyping for Free

Get started with easy-to-use, NVIDIA-managed serverless APIs.

  • Access fully-accelerated AI infrastructure.
  • Your data isn't used for model training.
  • 1,000 inference credits to get you started at no cost.

Scale on Your Own Infrastructure

Use NVIDIA NIM to self-host AI models in the cloud or data center of your choice.

  • Data never leaves your secure enclave.
  • Seamlessly transition from cloud endpoints to self-hosted APIs without code change.
  • Buy an NVIDIA AI Enterprise license for production deployment.

Use Cases

Ignite Your Innovation

See how NVIDIA APIs support industry use cases and jump-start your AI development with curated examples.

Digital Humans

Bring game characters to life or create interactive virtual avatars to enhance customer service, empowering your application to connect more deeply with users.

Content Generation

Generate highly relevant, bespoke, and accurate content, grounded in the domain expertise and proprietary IP of your enterprise.

Biomolecular Generation

Biomolecular generative models and the computational power of GPUs efficiently explore the chemical space, rapidly generating diverse sets of small molecules tailored to specific drug targets or properties.


Take Your Enterprise AI Farther, Faster

Join leading partners to develop your AI applications with models, toolkits, vector databases, frameworks, and infrastructure from our ecosystem.


Unlock, Upskill, and Upscale


Unlock AI With a Hands-On Lab

Experience the power of AI with end-to-end solutions through guided hands-on labs for RAG-based chatbots, drug discovery, and route optimizations.

Deep Learning Institute

Upskill Your AI Expertise

Whether you’re an individual looking for self-paced training or an organization wanting to bring new skills to your workforce, you can do it with DLI courses for gen AI, data science, and more.

AI Workbench

Start Small. Scale Big

NVIDIA AI Workbench gives developers the flexibility to run API-enabled models on local or remote GPU-powered containers, allowing for interactive project workflows from experimentation to prototyping to proof of concept.


Explore technical documentation to start prototyping and building your enterprise AI applications with NVIDIA APIs.